Accountability Agreements Ontario Public Health

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But public health even goes beyond these functions. It can be seen that it covers activities that do not normally fall within the mandate of health authorities (e.g. Β economic development of the Community, education). It can also play an important role in providing services to target populations (sometimes referred to as “needy” or “vulnerable” people), typically for population groups or services that are not covered by health insurance plans (a particularly important role in the United States). In Canada, public health is often involved in the provision of certain services to children and new parents, as well as preventive and clinical dental health services for vulnerable populations. In return, some public health activities, including vaccination, may be offered not only by public health, but also by primary care and occupational health providers, depending on jurisdiction and service. The Accountability Framework is supported by three (3) types of accountability framework documents, as follows: This document presents the results of a study on the structures, processes and perceived effects of accountability in Ontario`s public health sector, using the conceptual accountability framework described in the introduction to this special edition (Deber 2014). Several national and provincial crises have stimulated the development of new forms and systems of management and accountability of local public health agencies (Capacity Review Committee 2005). However, little is known about the functioning and impact of accountability mechanisms on public health. This study examines the opportunities and challenges of existing and emerging accountability systems for Ontario`s 36 local health committees, formally held accountable by provincial legislation for overseeing and ensuring the delivery of health programs and services in their geographic area (Government of Ontario, 1990). Public health is a unique part of the health system. Instead of focusing on treating the sick and injured, the goal of public health units is to help people in a community stay healthy by preventing disease and health risks, protecting health, and promoting healthy behaviors. A common theme in several PHUs is the importance of internal accountability mechanisms.

These internal mechanisms – usually performance measurement and management systems – include long-term strategic planning, the evidence verification process, performance management, autonomous evaluations and priority setting. For example, in a PHU, internal reporting mechanisms are organized every two weeks as part of senior management and also culminate in an annual final report: our goal is to make better mistakes. We don`t expect “perfect” from us. I don`t expect “perfect” from our staff. I want our mistakes to become — I don`t want to say more spectacular, I think they`re more sophisticated, than the mistakes we make are mistakes that come from processes that have improved because of the mistakes we`ve made before them. Let everything improve over time. That we learn. That we take these lessons and implement them, and then improve them. That`s what I think we`re really trying. Do the better things for the audience……