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One of the management of the company is legal advice and advice. The degree of solidity reflects the amount of equity that corresponds to the total mass of assets and expresses the company`s ability to bear losses. With us on your team, you get a professional sparring on the progress of the project as well as project management at the cutting edge of the process phases. They have a particularly good ability to understand and simplify problems and then to inform them. That`s why I can only give them my best recommendation… We have used Agreement Consulting on several occasions for analysis work related to market positioning. We are called Agreement Consulting because our fundamental philosophy is that an agreement is an agreement. This means that you can count on cooperation based on openness and execution in a timely manner. We want to establish a cooperation of trust and never compromise on the right crafts. We are a company that has services inside construction consulting supplies. So we have interior architects, engineers, planners, etc. We can create both traditional consultants, tender documents, drawings and government requests – just as we are known to play the role of chaos pilots.

B for example, if a client`s project is less well and needs help to be corrected. We can also provide consultants in commissioning/review, auditing, work environment and much more. Contact us if you think we can help you in your future project. AGREEMENT CONSULTING ApS is part of a group of 3 companies. Agreement and helps businesses enter the wholesale electricity and electricity market. “Atomnergopromsbyt”, in collaboration with nuclear companies and other customers in the regions of the Russian Federation, has settled disputes over electricity generation, transfer, supply and provision of services. This user has not added any information to their profile. The liquidity ratio reflects the entity`s ability to meet its short-term financial obligations. The cash flow ratio is calculated as an exposure plus cash equivalents as a percentage of short-term debt.

Performance is a key element of the company`s development. This shows how the company is able to pay the total capital. Agreement Consulting is the professional partner both through the process and thereafter, which fully meets the high requirements of Bravida Danmark A/S. As a company, we can therefore strongly recommend them to solve strategic problems in the construction sector… . They always respect the agreements reached and their support and willingness to solve the problem are always present. We have established cooperation based on trust and we can only give them our best recommendations…. Since 2007, we have been providing services to businesses and individuals. Around the site, you will find some detailed descriptions of our various services. What is common to all is that with us in your corner, you secure your project and your processes on several levels and benefit from our unique experience in the sector. We stand in your place and work in a targeted way to achieve the desired results and thus fulfill your wishes. Our employees are well trained in the basic skill they must offer – crafts as an academic and we only assign collaborators who can give usefulness to each task.