Alberta Student Aid Agreement

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Currently, there is no federal government repayment facility for part-time students. In order to allow for processing time, agreements should be concluded at least two weeks before the end of the study period. If you are admitted for full-time financing for the first time, you must sign up for your Master Student Financial Assistance Agreements (MSFAAs/Loan Agreements) before funds can be issued. There are two separate MSFAAs: Canada MSFAA and Alberta MSFAA. MSFAs are usually one-time agreements; However, you must sign new MSFAa if you have had a full-time interruption of studies for more than two years or if you have received funding from another province/region. Note: If you do not complete these forms, your funding will be blocked. They do not receive funding until they are processed. The Canada Student Loan Program (CSLP) is an electronic MSFAA process through which students must submit their Canada loan contract electronically via the National Student Loan Service Centre (NSLSC) website. Students need their name, social security number and Canadian MSFAA number (in their student aid inbox and in an NSLSC email). For a screen move to the MFSAA electronic process on the NSLSC: Electronic MSFAA: Customer Experience From time to time, students can witness an unexpected event that can be financially distressing. Concordia University`s emergency program in Edmonton is a short-term loan that allows qualified students to help in the event of a financial emergency. More information.

While you are registered as a full-time student, your student loans remain interest-free. However, this interest-free status is not automatic. It is your responsibility to inform your lenders each year or semester of study that you are returning to full-time studies. To avoid future problems, take the time to submit the appropriate documents to your lenders and inform yourself about the life cycle of a student loan. Learn more If your circumstances change after you have been approved for funding, you can report these changes to Alberta Student Aid. In some circumstances, you may need to report any changes in accordance with your loan agreement. Changes can be reported to Alberta Student Aid by submitting a form for a new exam – Level 1. Full-time and part-time students can benefit from loans in Canada.

You will receive instructions on how to conclude your Canada Student Assistance Agreement on your Student Aid account after it has been approved. You have the right to apply for a student loan if you are: Note: A lot of information on this site is specific to Alberta students. In some cases, you may need to contact your national credit agency for more information. Below is a summary of some of the conditions for obtaining educational assistance. By signing the contract, the student agrees to all conditions, including (but not limited): when a student is admitted for the first time to full-time financing, he must take out a “loan contract” before he can be issued. There are two separate agreements: the repayment assistance plan, available for both student loans in Alberta and Canada, ensures that your monthly payment matches your income and the size of your family. You can apply at any time during the repayment period. More information. It`s a good idea to hear this webinar that directs you to student credits – it`s topical (November 2019 situation): Finastra High School Awards webinar student loan guidance advisors should inform students that a Disclose staff information form must be completed and submitted to Alberta Student Aid to disclose their personal data to a particular person.