2014-2015 Season Audition Announcement 

ST. PETERSBURG, FL: American Stage Theatre Company, Tampa Bay's oldest and most award-winning professional theatre, is announcing Equity Principal Auditions for their 36th season:

THE CHOSEN, by Aaron Posner after Chaim Potok, directed by T. Scott Wooten.

NUREYEV’S EYES by David Rush, directed by Todd Olson.

LAUGHTER ON THE 23RD FLOOR by Neil Simon, directed by Todd Olson.

RADIO GOLF by August Wilson, directed by Mark Southers.

GUTENBERG! THE MUSICAL! by Scott Brown & Anthony King, director TBD.

IN THE HEIGHTS by Lin-Manuel Miranda and Quiara Alegía Hudes, directed by Todd Olson.

RED by Jonathan Logan, director TBD.

ONE SLIGHT HITCH by Lewis Black, directed by TBD.

Production Dates:

THE CHOSEN: First Rehearsal: Tuesday, August 12. Opening: Wednesday, September 3. Closing: Sunday, September 28.

NUREYEV’S EYES: First Rehearsal: Monday, September 22. Opening: approx. October 15. Closing: Sunday, October 26.

LAUGHTER ON THE 23RD FLOOR: First Rehearsal: Monday, October 27. Opening: Wednesday, November 19. Closing: Sunday, December 14 (possible extension to Sunday, December 21).

RADIO GOLF: First Rehearsal: Tuesday, December 30. Opening: Wednesday, January 21. Closing: Sunday, February 22.

GUTENBERG! THE MUSICAL!: First Rehearsal: Tuesday, February 17. Opening: Wednesday, March 11. Closing: Sunday, April 5 (possible extension to Sunday, April 12).

IN THE HEIGHTS: First Rehearsal: Monday, March 30. Opening: Wednesday, April 22. Closing: Sunday, May 17.

RED: First Rehearsal: Tuesday, May 5. Opening Wednesday, May 27. Closing Sunday, June 21.

ONE SLIGHT HITCH: First Rehearsal: Monday, June 15. Opening: Wednesday, July 8. Closing: Sunday, August 2.

Roles to be Cast:

THE CHOSEN: Older Reuven: Our narrator and guide for the evening. A rabbi. A teacher, thinker, and storyteller. A man of passionate convictions and deeply held beliefs about the world, who is still struggling every day to make sense of it all. Mid 30's to mid 40's. Young Reuven: A fiercely intelligent, passionate young Jewish boy/man. He ages from 16-21 in the course of the play. Reuven is aware, curious, compassionate and dynamic. He is equally as compelled by Dostoevsky, baseball, and the study of Talmud. Danny Saunders: An intense young Hassidic genius. A young man (also 16-21 over the course of the story) with "a mind like a jewel", but also a searching soul and a passionate curiosity about the world outside his narrow boundaries. Also a fierce baseball player. David Malter: A writer, scholar, teacher, and loving father. He also becomes an impassioned activist on behalf of Zionism. He lives his life with intensity and drive, though his somewhat frail physical condition is always an impediment. First and foremost, he is a communicator and a good and kind man. Can be anywhere from mid 40's to early 60's. Reb Saunders: A Tzaddik, a Rabbi, and a ruthless leader of men. A man with the depth of soul to literally carry the sufferings of his people on his own shoulders. An acute mind takes second place a soul both demanding and compassionate. Early 50's to 70's.

NUREYEV’S EYES: Rudolf Nureyev, internationally-known Russian ballet sensation, 30’s. Romantic and volatile. Jamie Wyeth, a painter in his 30’s, brilliant, but reserved in a very New England manner.

LAUGHTER ON THE 23RD FLOOR: Max Prince, 40’s to 50’s. A bigger-than-life comic actor who is the mega-star of a hugely popular television variety show “The Max Prince Show.” Based on Sid Caesar and “Your Show of Shows.” He cannot help but dominate a room entirely. Lucan Brickman, 20’s to 30’s: He is the freshman writer. Sensible and sincere. Milt Fields, Mid 40’s: The flamboyant “gag” man. A joke a minute wholesaler who deals in fast paced patter. Val Slotsky, Mid 40’s A senior member of the staff. He is the most politically aware of all the writers. A Russian immigrant, he should still carry a strong accent. Brian Doyle, Mid-30s to mid-40s: An Irish-American with a biting sense of humor and acerbic outlook on life. He is a heavy smoker, heavy cougher and heavy drinker. Kenny Franks, Mid 30’s: Considered the “boy genius” of the group but also the most sophisticated of the writers. Ira Stone, Late 30s to early 40s: A hypochondriac who comes in late every day with a new ailment. His humor is wrapped around despair. Carol Wyman,Mid 30’s: The only woman writer on the show, she has a strong and quick defense system. Helen, 20’s: Max’s female secretary. Attractive in a quirky way. Completely out of her element in the writer’s room.

RADIO GOLF by August Wilson: Harmand Wilks, black male, real estate developer seeking mayoral candidacy, well-placed local leader. Mame Wilks, black female, Harmond’s wife of more than 20 years, professional public relations representative. Roosevelt Hicks, black male, bank vice President, Harmand’s business partner and college roommate, avid golfer. Sterling Johnson, black male, self-employed contractor and neighborhood handyman, robber a bank 30 years ago. Elder Joseph Barlow, black male, recently returned to the hill District where he was born in 1918. 

GUTENBERG! THE MUSICAL!: Doug Simon and Bud Davenport, 2 innocent, passionate, writers. Jacks of all trades, masters of none.

Auditions for IN THE HEIGHTS will take place at a later date.

RED: Mark Rothko: 50s, The revolutionary twentieth century abstract expressionist painter. Passionate, vicious, imposing. He relishes a good debate. Obsessed with his work, he is struggling with his relevance and his legacy. His volatile temper hides a deep vulnerability. Ken: 20s. Rothko’s young assistant. An aspiring painter. Quiet and thoughtful, but extremely bright and quick-witted. Willing to spar with Rothko when necessary. 

ONE SLIGHT HITCH: Doc Coleman: age 40s – 50s. The father. A General Practitioner. A charming, eccentric conservative. Usually straight-up. Delia Coleman: age 40s – 50s. The mother. In a constant state of panic. Ryan, early 30s. A charming and annoying bohemian narcissist. His attention span is short but focused. Aspires to a writer’s triumphs and pain more than to just be a writer. Witty, passionate and clueless. He tries to grapple with eternal ideas and usually ends up with notions. Likes everyone he meets, especially Courtney’s family. Courtney, late 20s – early 30s. A gifted writer who’s attractive, talented, committed and highly competitive (mostly with herself). Having recently fled a life of bohemian struggle with Ryan in New York, she’s currently deluded by the fantasy of a storybook marriage to Harper in affluent, suburban Ohio. P.B. The youngest (16 years) daughter of Doc and Delia Coleman. Precocious and smart, she’s unable to escape the emotional chaos of her eccentric, off-center family while struggling to organize the vagaries of post-puberty. She’s an idealistic young Republican who believes in orderliness and loud rock n’ roll. Likes to dance. Harper. A former mid-western preppie now in his 30s. A good-looking, well-spoken wasp, he is a princely catch among the country club set. He’s making a career out of graduate school and is delighted at the prospect of having a wife with one or two of her own ideas.

60% of all casting will be AEA actors; 40% will be non-AEA.
SPT-7 scale next season will be approximately $446/wk.
LOA contract for IN THE HEIGHTS approximately $501/wk. 
Non-AEA contracts pay between stipend to $250/wk.

How to Audition:

For this call actors should prepare two monologues of their choice, or, if you are interested in GUTENBERG!, 2 musical selections for which an accompanist will be provided. All auditions should not exceed 3 minutes.

An open call for IN THE HEIGHTS in the Park will take place at a later date. Non-Equity actors will be put on a waiting list and will be seen whenever there is no Equity Member auditioning or waiting. Audition slots will last five minutes. There may be callbacks at a later date.

Please note, auditions will be Monday, April 21 and Tuesday, April 22 from 10-5.

Auditions will take place at American Stage’s Raymond James Theatre, 163 3rd Ave. North, downtown St. Petersburg across from Williams Park. Auditions are by appointment and can be made by emailing Kimberly Webb at Leave your name and phone number and options as to two appointment times that will work for you. You will receive a return confirmation. Equity members without appointments will be seen throughout the audition day, as time permits.

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Seeking Women between 25 and 50 years of age, with some background in performance. Limited time commitment for rehearsal, directed by Karla Hartley. Performances will require reading the script at a music stand.

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