American Stage practices Non-Traditional Casting and encourages ALL actors to audition. Non-Traditional Casting is a method designed to expand casting opportunities for women, actors of color, and actors with disabilities in roles where race, ethnicity, sex, or the presence or absence of a disability is not germane to character or play development.

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September 4, 2019 – Sides posted for ADMISSIONS

The sides have now been posted for ADMISSIONS. Video submission deadline is 10/3/19.

September 1, 2019 – Musical Auditions planned for December 2-3, 2019

We are planning to hold musical auditions for FOOTLOOSE and NEXT TO NORMAL on December 2nd & 3rd at American Stage in St. Petersburg. Details will be posted soon. As with all our auditions, we can only make appointments for AEA actors, though we will have plenty of time to see all non-AEA actors who attend.

September 1, 2019 – SILENT SKY and THE PEOPLE DOWNSTAIRS casting update

We are pleased to officially announce that all roles in SILENT SKY and THE PEOPLE DOWNSTAIRS have been offered and accepted. Thank you to everyone who auditioned in person or via video.

August 2, 2019 – VIETGONE casting update

We are pleased to officially announce that all roles in VIETGONE have been offered and accepted. Thank you to everyone who auditioned in person or via video.

April 13, 2019 – AUDITION ANNOUNCEMENT for American Stage 2019-2020 Season

American Stage is seeking Equity and professional Non-Equity actors for our 2019-2020 Season.

VIETGONE by Qui Nguyen  |  Rehearses: 9/10/2019 – 10/4/2019  |  Runs: 10/2/2019 – 11/3/2019
SILENT SKY by Lauren Gunderson and Margot Melcon  |  Rehearses: 10/29/2019 – 11/22/2019  |  Runs: 11/20/2019 – 12/22/2019
SKELETON CREW by Dominique Morisseau  |  Rehearses: 12/31/2019 – 1/24/2020  |  Runs: 1/22/2020 – 2/23/2020
THE PEOPLE DOWNSTAIRS by Natalie Symons  |  Rehearses: 2/18/2020 – 3/13/2020  |  Runs: 3/11/2020 – 4/5/2020
FOOTLOOSE by Tom Snow, Dean Pitchford, and Walter Bobbie  |  Rehearses: 3/24/2020 – 4/17/2020  |  Runs: 4/15/2020 – 5/17/2020
ADMISSIONS by Joshua Harmon  |  Rehearses: 5/5/2020 – 5/29/2020  |  Runs: 5/27/2020 – 6/28/2020
NEXT TO NORMAL by Brian Yorkey & Tom Kitt  |  Rehearses: 6/23/2020 – 7/17/2020  |  Runs: 7/15/2020 – 8/16/2020



  • Live local auditions for NON-MUSICALS will be held Monday June 10, 2019 and Tuesday June 11, 2019, 10am-6pm (lunch 1:30-2:30pm) at American Stage in Saint Petersburg, FL.
    • Non-Union actors may still attend, and will be seen on a first-come, first-seen basis as time permits.
      • We anticipate having enough time to see ALL actors, regardless of union status.
      • To expedite registration, please fill out THIS AUDITION FORM.
    • Check-in will be in our 2nd floor lobby.
    • No accompanist will be present for these auditions – we will not see singers at this call.
  • Auditions for musicals (FOOTLOSE and NEXT TO NORMAL) will be held on a date TBA in December 2019 or January 2020.
  • AEA Members – for an audition appointment please send an email request to: AND fill out THIS AUDITION FORM.
    • Non-Union actors may still attend, and will be seen on a first-come, first-seen basis as time permits.
      • We anticipate having enough time to see ALL actors, regardless of union status.
      • To expedite registration, please fill out THIS AUDITION FORM.
  • For an in-person audition
    • Prepare no more than 2 minutes of material that shows us that you’re a good fit for a role or roles in our 2019-2020 season.
    • The sides below are for callback or video audition purposes only. For the season generals, please prepare your own material.
    • Please bring a printed copy of your headshot & resume.

Casting Breakdown 2019-2020 Season

Sides will be posted as they become available. Links will be provided after the character description. Posted sides are for in-person callback and video audition purposes only, but will give you an idea of what we’re looking for. For guidelines on video audition submission, please scroll to the bottom of this page.

If you’re interested in borrowing a digital copy of a script for audition purposes, you may request a temporary link from

by Qui Nguyen
Director: Brian Balcom
Rehearses: 9/10/2019 – 10/4/2019  |  Runs: 10/2/2019 – 11/3/2019

*For actors submitting a VIDEO AUDITION for VIETGONE: Please record the first two sides for the character you’re auditioning for. Do not record the “Callback side” unless requested.


QUANG: Asian Male, 20’s-30’s. A Helicopter pilot during the Vietnam War. Adventurous, charming, rugged. Has a keen sense of humor, and isn’t afraid of a fight. Hides from his pain for the loss of his country and family with these traits. – QUANG SIDES

TONG: Asian Female, 20’s-30’s. A Vietnamese refugee. Strong-willed, effortlessly sexy, and fiercely independent. Eschews convention against her mother’s wishes. She is the object of desire of many but deflects suitors with sarcasm. She is looking for something deep and real. Underneath her tough exterior, she is a vulnerable young woman just as lost and scared as everyone else. Emotional depth, complexity. – TONG SIDES
HUONG/ASIAN GIRL/AMERICAN GIRL/THU/TRANSLATOR/FLOWER GIRL: Asian Female, Mid 30’s-50’s. Actor must be able to create several distinct characters, including Tong’s outspoken and surprisingly flirtatious mom, and Quang’s devoted wife who he leaves behind in Vietnam. – FEMALE 1 SIDES
NHAN/ASIAN GUY/AMERICAN GUY/KHUE: Asian Male, 20’s-30’s. Actor must be able to create several distinct characters, including Quang’s loyal best friend who isn’t afraid to tell him the truth, and Tong’s hard-headed brother who stays in Vietnam for love. – MALE 1 SIDES
BOBBY/PLAYWRIGHT/GIAI/CAPTAIN CHAMBERS/REDNECK BIKER/HIPPIE DUDE: Asian Male, Mid 20’s-30’s. Actor must have the dexterity to create several distinct characters, including a kind American soldier infatuated with Tong, and the desperate lover she leaves behind in Vietnam. – MALE 2 SIDES

by Lauren Gunderson
Director: Kristin Clippard
Rehearses: 10/29/2019 – 11/22/2019  |  Runs: 11/20/2019 – 12/22/2019


HENRIETTA LEAVITT: Female, 30’s. Brilliant, meticulous, excited – almost always wearing a period hearing-aid. – HENRIETTA SIDES
MARGARET LEAVITT: Female, 30′. Homebody, creative, sweet, sister. – MARGARET SIDES
PETER SHAW: Male, 30’s. The head astronomoer’s apprentice… and the man. – PETER SIDES
ANNIE CANNON: Female, 40’s. The leader, terse and sure, grows into a firebrand. – ANNIE SIDES
WILLIAMINA FLEMMING: Female, 50’s. Smart as a whip and fun, Scottish. – WILLIAMINA SIDES

by Dominique Morisseau
Director: L. Peter Callender
Rehearses: 12/31/2019 – 1/24/2020  |  Runs: 1/22/2020 – 2/23/2020


FAYE: Black Female, Mid-Late 50’s. Working-class woman. Tough and a lifetime of dirt beneath her nails. Somewhere, deep compassion. – FAYE SIDES
DEZ: Black Male, Mid-Late 20’s. Working-class young man. Young hustler, playful, street-savvy, and flirtatious. Somewhere, deeply sensitive. – DEZ SIDES
SHANITA: Black Female, Mid-Late 20’s. Working-class young woman. Pretty but not ruled by it. Hard-working. By-the-books. Believes in the work she does. Also, pregnant. Somewhere, a beautiful dreamer. – SHANITA SIDES
REGGIE: Black Male, L30’s. White-collar man. Studious. Dedicated. Compassionate. The Foreman. Somewhere, a fire brims. – REGGIE SIDES

by Natalie Symons
Director: Chris Crawford
Rehearses: 2/18/2020 – 3/13/2020  |  Runs: 3/11/2020 – 4/5/2020


MILES LISOWSKI: Male, 73. “Born with a taste for whiskey and a taste for laughter”. Working-class, guileless and rough around the edges. Fiercely determined not to accept his daughter’s fate. Currently working a mortuary janitor. – MILES SIDES
MABEL LISOWSKI: Female, 47. Agorophobic and legally blind, her connection with the outside world is via an audio pen-pal program with prison inmates. Mabel does not at all feel sad or sorry for herself. – MABEL SIDES
TODD SCHNEIDER: (ROLE IS CAST) Male, 46. A new hire at the mortuary, Todd is earnest, undaunted, and somewhat inept. An unconventional prince charming. – TODD SIDES
SHELLEY WILLIAMS: Female, 30-50. A court-appointed guardian assigned to the Lisowski family, Shelley wants to make sure they follow the rules. Forceful, nurturing, but mostly frustrated with having to deal with the Lisowkski’s hoarding. – SHELLEY SIDES

by Tom Snow, Dean Pitchford, and Walter Bobbie
Director: Stephanie Gularte
Choreographer: Shain Stroff
Music Director: TBA
Rehearses: 3/24/2020 – 4/17/2020  |  Runs: 4/15/2020 – 5/17/2020

Musical auditions will take place in December ’19, Date TBA.

REN McCORMACK: Male, 18-25. Tenor. Energetic, emotional, rebellious, likeable; emotes his pain through quirky sarcasm and dance; strong dancer.
REVEREND SHAW MOORE: Male, 35-55. Baritone. The powerful, traditional local church leader; strict, stern, and solemn, still struggling with the death of his son.
ARIEL MOORE: Female, 18-25. Mezzo-Pop. Smart, a bit of the bad girl with an edge, sweet, the rebellious minister’s daughter; role requires strong belt, must be a strong singer/dancer.
VI MOORE: Female, 35-55. Soprano. Reverend Moore’s loving, supportive, resilient wife.
RUSTY: Female, 18-25. Great soprano/pop voice. Ariel’s friend; a bit scatterbrained, sweet, fun, knows everything about everything; role requires strong belt, strong comedic timing and dance.
WILLARD HEWITT: Male, 18-25. Tenor. A simple country bumpkin with a warm heart and a big smile; comedic timing and dance a must.
ETHEL McCORMACK: Female, 35-45. Soprano. Ren’s mother; had a tough go, just trying to make it…would do anything for her son.
CHUCK CRANSTON: Male, 18-25. Tenor. The local bad boy and Ariel’s boyfriend.
URLEEN: Female, 18-25. Mezzo/Alto. Ariel’s friend; the smart one of the group; role requires strong belt, comedic timing, and dance.
WENDY JO: Female, 18-25. Mezzo. Ariel’s friend; strong belt, comedic timing, and dance required.
ENSEMBLE: Males & Females, 18-50. Seeking strong singers/dancers/character actors for many roles; teenage through adults; chorus singing, dancing parts; all teens dance, all adults dance at the prom. Roles include: LULU WARNICKER – Ren’s aunt; WES WARNICKER – Lulu’s husband; COACH ROGER DUNBAR – Gym teacher; ELEANOR DUNBAR – Roger’s Wife; LYLE – Chuck’s buddy; TRAVIS – Chuck’s buddy; PRINCIPAL HARRY CLARK; BETTY BLAST – Owner of the Burger Blast; JETER – Ren’s friend; BICKLE – Ren’s friend; GARVIN – Ren’s friend; COWBOY BOB; COP; HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS

by Joshua Harmon
Director: Michael Stevenson
Co-Production with CAPITAL STAGE in Sacramento, CA
Director: Michael Stevenson
Rehearses: 2/18/2020 – 3/13/2020 at CAPITAL STAGE  |  Runs: 3/11/2020 – 4/12/2020 at CAPITAL STAGE
Rehearses: 5/19/2020 – 5/29/2020 at AMERICAN STAGE  |  Runs: 5/27/2020 – 6/28/2020 at AMERICAN STAGE

Actors interested in the roles of CHARLIE, ROBERTA, and BILL must be available for both runs. The role of GINNIE will be cast with a different actor for each run.


SHERRI ROSEN-MASON: (ROLE IS CAST) White Female, Late 40’s-Early 50’s. A very liberal secular-Jewish woman. Head of Admissions for Hillcrest. Has a warrior’s spirit, a fighter. As hard as she fights at work, she fights even harder for her kid. Even when he doesn’t make it easy. – ROLE IS CAST
BILL MASON: White Male, Late 40’s-Early 50’s. A very liberal WASP and Sherri’s husband. Head of the School at Hillcrest. Has lived a pretty charmed life, for the most part. Firmly believes he is always right, and acts accordingly; in other words, leaves little room for doubt. Assertive in his opinions, decisive. – BILL SIDES
CHARLIE LUTHER MASON: White Male, 18. Bill & Sherri’s son, a senior at Hillcrest. Precocious and intelligent. His anger can overtake him, but he doesn’t lead with it. At his core, he’s a sweet kid. Like lots of kids his age, he can quickly become a devout believer in newly adopted philosophies. – CHARLIE SIDES
GINNIE PETERS: White Female, Late 40’s-Early 50’s. very liberal, WASP, stay-at-home mom, her son is Charlie’s best friend, and she is one of Sherri’s closest friends. Unlike Sherri, who has mastered work-life balance, Ginnie’s easily overwhelmed, even as she has much less on her plate. – GINNIE SIDES
ROBERTA: White Female, Mid 60’s-Early 70’s. Has worked in administration at Hillcrest for many years. She is warm and means well, if also obstinate and stubborn. When she offends, it is unwittingly; her confusion is genuine. The world is changing faster than she can keep up. – ROBERTA SIDES

by Brian Yorkey & Tom Kitt
Director: Stephanie Gularte
Music Director: TBA
Rehearses: 6/23/2020 – 7/17/2020  |  Runs: 7/15/2020 – 8/16/2020

Musical auditions will take place in December ’19, Date TBA.

DIANA: Female, 30’s-40’s. Sexy. Sharp. Delusional bipolar depressive.
GABE: Male, Almost 18. Diana’s son. Dashing. Gentle. Bright. Playful. Everything a mother would want.
DAN: Male, 30’s-40’s. Diana’s husband. Handsome. Genuine. Constant. Tired.
NATALIE: Female, 16. Diana’s daughter. Trying to be perfect. It’s not going well.
HENRY: Male, 17. Musician. Romantic. Stoner. Slacker. Philosopher king.
DOCTOR MADDEN (DOCTOR FINE): Male, young side of ageless. Assured. A rock star.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Does American Stage hire non-equity actors?
Yes. We work with both Equity and Non-Equity professional actors.

What is your AEA contract?
American Stage operates under the SPT Tier 7 contract on our Mainstage and under an LOA Agreement at American Stage in the Park.

When do you hold auditions?
Our mainstage season auditions are held in June each year, with musical auditions (for American Stage in the Park and any mainstage musicals) held in December. We may hold supplemental auditions & callbacks throughout the year as needed. Additionally, American Stage attends the Florida Professional Theatre Association (FPTA) and Tampa Bay Unified annual season auditions. We have no current plans to hold auditions in NYC.

I just auditioned for you. When will I hear back?
It depends on a lot of factors. Our goal is to cast shows at least three months in advance of first rehearsal, though we may not always achieve it. After a general season audition, we’ll bring people in at various times for individual show callbacks. After a show-specific audition or callback, we may cast the piece right away, or may still be looking to see other actors, depending on what we still need. Casting is a puzzle. We need to balance our AEA/Non-AEA ratio, locals vs. out-of-town actors, and 100 other factors to get just the right group of people to help us tell powerful stories. Once final casting decisions have been made, we’ll put a post up on this page.

I’m interested in your apprenticeship program – what’s that about?
More information is available at this link:

I missed your season call – can I still be considered?
Yes. Please fill out THIS AUDITION FORM and tell us specifically what you’d like to be considered for, and consider submitting a video audition.

I am a local actor with a day job. Can I still be considered?
American Stage makes a purposeful effort to hire local actors and artists, in order to support our community and its overall artistic presence. As a professional theatre, however, we do rehearse during the day, and only rarely are we able to work around another schedule.

What is your rehearsal schedule?
Typically, for the first two weeks of any given show, we rehearse during the day (10am-6pm). After that, we’ll normally transition into afternoon & evening rehearsals (2pm-10pm), followed by a full week of tech, where hours can vary between just evenings to full 10-out-of-12 days. During opening week, there will be rehearsals in the afternoon prior to evening showtimes, and there will always be at least one brush-up rehearsal the Wednesday after opening.

Do you provide housing for out-of-town actors?
Yes. American Stage has a limited number of housing spots available to out-of-town artists.

Will you accept a video audition?

Video Audition Guidelines

American Stage does accept video auditions, and we have often cast actors who we met this way. However, a live audition is our much preferred form of casting, and we cannot promise that any unsolicited video will be watched or considered, depending on who we’ve already seen in person.

Audition sides will be posted at the end of May/beginning of June.

  • Your video must be specifically recorded for American Stage.
    • If there are sides available, they will be posted with the character descriptions above.
      • Please record at least one of the listed sides for your character. If we would like to see further material from you you, we may ask you to record additional sides.
    • If no sides are posted, please choose your own material that is relevant to the character you’re auditioning for.
  • Film yourself standing, with your scene partner(s) off camera. If the scene calls for you to be sitting, make sure we can see more than just your face.
    • Alternately, you can start by slating your name and having the camera show you from head to toe, then cut to more of a closeup audition.
    • For interactive scenes, you must record with a scene partner (as opposed to just saying your lines and pausing when another character is supposed to speak.)
  • Send the LINK(s) to a YouTube, Vimeo, or other video-sharing service file to:
    • On YouTube, please make your video setting Public or Unlisted, not Private (as we can’t share those with the rest of the artistic team.)
    • On Vimeo, please set your viewing settings to Anyone or Only people with a password, and supply us your password.
    • DO NOT send the actual file. Video files will not be downloaded or watched.
    • DO NOT send the file via WeTransfer or any other file-sharing service.
  • Please fill out THIS AUDITION FORM.
  • Last, let us know whether or not you will require local housing if hired.

Thank you for your interest in working with American Stage!