Reviews for This Wonderful Life

“There’s brilliance in effectively messing with tradition…a ‘Wonderful’ spin on a holiday favorite… charming and quite moving…[a] touching one-man tribute, directed by Todd Olson and starring the highly watchable Christopher Swan [who] sprang deftly from one character to the next [and] brought dimension to both stable and fleeting characters using malleable voices, facial expressions and personas…Between Swan’s everyman appeal and Murray’s loving script, it became harder and harder to blow off the notions of life being a gift, believing in yourself, generosity of spirit and … yada yada yada…Murray brought out the best parts of the film.”

            -Tampa Tribune


“Together, American Stage, Swan and the ghost of Capra tap into the holiday spirit with this wonderful adaptation…It’s easy to forget that this is a one-man show at times, as the familiar scenes play out across the restrained set which is dominated by clever lighting and dusted by occasional snowfall…The allure of “This Wonderful Life” is seeing this gifted actor depict such a wide range of diverse characters, male and female, in rapid succession. [Chris] Swan captures each individual, rendering them through changes in tone or pitch or accent, and through a variety of physical manifestations which he has truly mastered…Once hooked, of course, audience members fall victim to the overriding charm of the Capra classic.”

        -Seminole Beacon

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