The reviews are in! Read why not to miss VANISHING POINT!

Here’s what the critics say about the cast:
“Wood, with her cute little chipmunk looks and English accent, is a charmer and gives a delightful screwball performance…Adams-Zischke is an impressive diva…” John Fleming, Tampa Bay Times

“Lauren L. Wood gives Christie a cheery, clipped sense of British etiquette and poise. Victoria Adams-Zischke portrays Earhart with a winsome, can-do spirit, as if nothing will stop her, and Kathleen Brooke Davis gives McPherson a bigger-than-life combination of theatricality and religious fervor.”-Jay Handelman, Sarasota Herald-Tribune

“Played brilliantly by Lauren L. Wood (Christie), Victoria Adams-Zischke (Earhart), and Kathleen Brooke Davis (McPherson) show us scenes from their respective biographies and sing lovely, glimmering songs that at first delight the ear…McPherson is easily the most formidable of the three, muscling her way into American religious history with a smile and a Bible, and accepting her healing abilities with the same bravado she exhibits everywhere.” Mark E. Leib, Creative Loafing

Here’s what the critics say about the set and costumes:
“Nick Francone’s abstract set is cool.” John Fleming, Tampa Bay Times
“The players are attractively costumed by Adrin Erra Puente… Nick Francone’s beautiful abstract set…” Mark E. Leib, Creative Loafing

Here’s what the critics say about the music:
“Rob Hartman’s score cleverly assigns a musical style to each of the characters. For the British Christie, it’s a quick-witted patter-style as she works out the plot for her next mystery. McPherson sings in a rousing mix of American folk and gospel, while Earhart sings airy and soaring ballads….The songs are well performed by pianist and musical director Vince di Mura and by the three women who play all the roles…”-Jay Handelman, Sarasota Herald-Tribune

“The lush pianism behind the songs is provided by talented musical director/keyboards player Vince di Mura.” Mark E. Leib, Creative Loafing

“Her (Victoria Adams-Zischke) numbers, such as Vanity and Gravity and When I Am the Wind, are powerhouse anthems, full of grandiose emotional hooks.” John Fleming, Tampa Bay Times

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