Car Sale Agreement Germany

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The seller will often make promises that he won`t know about later. If these commitments are not agreed upon and are included in a written contract, the seller often returns to the old sales contract and previous regulations. If you have opted to sell your vehicle, you must notify the registration authorities of the sale. The procedure description provides you with all the information you need to know about the sale of your car. Buying a new car is always an expensive investment. Sometimes it is worth buying your car in another EU country to do good business. This is what a Swedish consumer thought when buying his dream car in Germany at a relatively low price. He did not hesitate long before buying “his” BMW from a German car dealership that offered the car for 21,815 euros. The sale price included VAT of EUR 3,483.07. As a result, the consumer agreed with the car dealer that German VAT would be refunded after the vehicle was duly registered at his home in Gothenburg.

But this was not the case: the consumer was waiting in vain for the refund, although he provided all the necessary documents. The car dealership also did not respond to the request. The consumer then went to the European Consumer Centre in his home country, Sweden. Our Swedish colleagues then contacted the lawyers of ECC Germany who, in turn, contacted the German car dealership. The intervention of the lawyers quickly yielded results and the Swedish consumer was reimbursed for the full VAT. Auctions have gained popularity in Germany. These automotive market sites offer the opportunity to present and sell used cars at a fair price. However, a good sale is not always guaranteed – and you are responsible for the appearance and presentation of your car. This means that you need to provide high quality photos and create an informative description of your car on the platform.

A typical purchase contract (sales contract) for the sale of private cars can be downloaded. This document describes the condition of the vehicle at the time of sale: Click here The best way to sell a car in Germany depends entirely on the time and effort you are willing to provide. Each method can lead you to a successful sale, provided you follow the advice and know the true value of your car. Even if oral contracts are valid and enforceable in Germany, only a written agreement allows you to adequately prove the terms of the contract and clarify each other`s obligations. All conditions should be reduced to the letter and signature by the parties, as written contracts are considered correct, complete and without oral or incidental restrictions. By law, the seller can only exclude warranties for the used car if the seller acts as an individual in the private sale or if the buyer and seller act as traders in professional enterprises. To do this, the trader can use one of the following phrases in the sales contract: Most sales interviews are in English or with the help of a translator. Following an agreement, the seller issues a contract in German.

But beware: this prefabricated contract may deviate from the agreements discussed previously! There are a few car magazines that list used cars for sale in private, many of which also have a website (e.g. Auto-News). In Berlin, there is regularly the monthly magazine “Second Hand Autohandel” with a clear overview of car brands, models and prices. A private sale is a common way to sell used cars in Germany – and there are plenty of possibilities for that. You will pass it on to a family member or friend, place a “for sale” sign on the car, or try to sell it by placing an ad on a website.