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AMERICA: A MOSAIC – Meet the Apprentices

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Hi everyone! I’m Ally Thomas, the Education & Outreach Apprentice this season, and it’s been a pleasure to serve as Stage Manager for AMERICA: A MOSAIC! I had the opportunity to join the five Acting & Production Apprentices as they were writing and revising their piece, and it’s been a great experience to watch the show evolve from the early drafts of the script to where we are now in performances! We have one weekend under our belts, and we’re looking forward to five more performances this week.

17424691_10207222232874520_4773289276168864638_nAs Stage Manager, part of my job is to coordinate the logistics for what everyone needs, and to make sure that there is a smooth flow of communication between all members of the team. This was especially important for communication about when and where rehearsals would take place. We all have many other projects going on within the company, and everyone is juggling so much that scheduling actually became one of the biggest challenges with this process. When we did meet, it was important to use our time as efficiently as possible. When you’re working on a project where five people all share responsibilities as performers, directors, and designers there are a lot of decisions that must be made, and a lot of opinions to consider. I’m so proud of this team for the way they’ve been able to collaborate and take ownership of their show.

Once we got into technical rehearsals, I would take notes in my script so that I could learn the order of all lighting, sound and projection cues, and execute the design that they had in mind for each tech element of the show. Tech rehearsals are always something special because that’s really when the full vision of the piece comes together for the first time- when the ideas that start out on paper actually come to life! It was impressive to witness how much the sound, light and projection added to the production; after that, it felt like we had a real show on our hands!


I’m so grateful that the staff at American Stage has let us be … Read the rest