Corporate Training & Development

Bring improv to your workplace!

The American Stage Improv Corporate Training & Development program offers customized off-site interactive workshops and seminars that promote team building, problem solving, diversity awareness, customer service and heightened creativity within your company.

These innovative sessions rely on audience participation, using the fundamentals of basic theatre and improvisation techniques. Simple games and activities positively introduce and reinforce a creative approach to business and productivity.

Our customized programs are conducted in a relaxed and entertaining setting, emphasizing creativity and playfulness. Our programs are conducted in a “Stage-fright-free” zone, so all participants can feel comfortable knowing that they will not be expected to “perform.” That is, unless they want to!

Our corporate trainers come from artistic and business backgrounds and understand the challenges that face many organizations. In the fast-paced climate of today’s business world, success is often dependent on how quickly a company can change and adapt to new ideas and solutions. By facilitating activities and discussions that encourage and inspire creativity, participants gain a durable set of experiences they can use in their day-to-day work environment.

Our Corporate Training & Development provides exercises and facilitated discussion to:

  • Experience creative motivational thinking
  • Define and explore complementary skills among the team
  • Discover a common purpose
  • Set performance goals
  • Experiment with leadership identities
  • Communicate in a freedom based environment
  • Agree on a mutually accountable platform

In addition, participants have the opportunity to explore diversity issues and active listening techniques. The primary focus of the workshops is FUN! Laughter is a strong teacher and a memorable motivator. A team that enjoys each other’s contributions and discovers new things about each other is a team worth watching!

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