Domus Housing Sublet Agreement

By April 9, 2021 Uncategorized

The likelihood of being deceived by a housing company is very low, although domus is infamous for excessive rents for poor housing and assistance to appalling tenants. Apart from that, you can either try to find someone to take over your lease, or you can try to find someone who can be sublet for the rest of the year. ✎ contact a rental advisor to check. 📅 Click here for our ACCORD PAD (Pre-authorized Debit) – Print and send an email to with your banking information or your VOID check 💳 Make an appointment with our leasing agent: access important rental forms for Solstice, including the PAD form, bike registrations, the rental contract, and much more. He brought it to the tenant council and the people of Waterloo. There is absolutely nothing you can do unless domus agrees that you can terminate your lease or you can find someone to take over your lease. You must go to an off-campus apartment or to a lawyer/paralegal to find out if it is applicable to have a lease that automatically renews one year. Where I am, it would be unworkable at all, and it would pass from one month to another after a year. It could be a clause that they cash in, so most students absorb it and pay, even if they don`t have it. You should probably resign 60 days in both directions. Domus is a student housing company, so they would not conduct credit reviews because most children would have a poor or non-existent credit rating. They may have asked you to make a large deposit because you are not from Canada.

🚲 Click here for your bike registration form please sent to agree, let me do it clearly so that it`s fair. I rented domus on two different occasions and for me they were quick, responsive and reliable both times. It seems that most of the negativity on subreddit uwaterloo comes from an incident last year, when one of their apartments lost heat and I`m pretty sure it was the owner who couldn`t (or wanted) to fix it for a long time. In my experience, I cannot imagine that they would put up with this kind of thing. Otherwise, the deposits are pretty normal, and no, domus won`t fool you. I had to file 200 as a key deposit the first time I rented, and I had no trouble returning the favour at the end of the lease. I think the experience varies a lot, but the imo domus is better than anything in the city. Worst case scenario, although you can easily sublet the place in the fall/winter and notify them in writing that you are terminating your lease from next May. In fact, my experience was exactly the opposite.

Almost every home I considered asked for a credit check/proof of employment. It may be because I am looking for more noble and beautiful places, but I think it is actually the norm for housing, which is not considered student housing.