Nosotros La Gente (We The People) 

2020-12-02 7:00 pm - 2020-12-02 8:00 pm


Nosotros La Gente (We The People) 

An American Stage commissioned work by Jerry Montoya

As the country is on the verge of a World War, a pair of brothers toil planting date palms in the fertile soil of the California desert. Salvador dreams of owning land of his own, while Santiago dreams of seeing the world beyond the valley. When Santiago decides to enlist, Salvador vows to care for his brother’s love, Sophie. Heartbroken and alone, the two must find a way to care for the land, for themselves and for each other.  This is a story of a family that has tilled the fields of this country and fought its wars. It’s a story of faith, hope and love. This is a story of America.

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