Grades 6 – 8: Sketch Comedy – Winter 2016

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Grades 6 - 8: Sketch Comedy – Winter 2016

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American Stage Theatre Company Student & Parent Agreement

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I hereby agree to accept a position as a student at American Stage Theatre Company. I agree to respect the teaching artists and assistants, as well as those around me. I am aware that no liability whatsoever will be incurred by American Stage for injuries resulting from voluntary actions or services.

Terms and Conditions

  • I agree to hold American Stage harmless for any injuries my child may sustain including, but not limited to injuries resulting from classwork (which are participated in willingly)
    Release Form
  • I, the undersigned agree to release, and discharge American Stage from responsibility for loss or damage of personal property while my child is taking classes.

Any student who is deemed to have behaved inappropriately will be provided with two warnings, one directly to the student, and one to both the student and parent. After this, he or she may be dismissed from the class. Any students who is deemed to have behaved dangerously or harmfully to others or him/herself may be dismissed from the class without prior warnings.
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