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Our 2021-2022 Family Series production is a fresh, accessible, original play created by the American Stage team: FAIRYTALES REIMAGINED inspires us all to find joy in coming together to share stories.

Opens February 21, 2022

When the power goes out at Abuela’s, Mateo and his older sister Isabella are stuck with nothing to do, but Abuela has other plans… With the turn of a page from the family’s storybook, some familiar classic fairytales are reimagined in brand new ways! Mateo and Isabella discover just how fun and powerful sharing stories can be. All it takes is a little imagination.


Bring a performance to your school!
$425 for up to 200 students
(50% off for a 2nd same-day performance)

An interactive study guide connected to Florida State Standards
Post-show chatback with the cast!

To schedule a performance, contact us at or 727.823.1600 ext 212

Access Study Guide Here!


Experience American Stage’s popular School Tour on our MainStage!

A relaxed performance environment
Sensory friendly accommodations, such as a pre-show “touch tour”

Saturday, April 23 at 11am 
Sunday, April 24 at 1pm


This production is great for classes studying world cultures (specifically the Spanish language), family dynamics, storytelling, and reading & literacy.

Florida State Standards:

See study guide above for more details

FL State Standards for grades K-12
LAFS.K12.W.3.9; LAFS.K12.R.2.6; LAFS.K12.SL.2.4; LAFS.K12.R.3.9; LAFS.K12.W.1.3; LAFS.K12.R.2.5

WL.K12.IM.8.3; WL.K12.IH.8.1; WL.K12.IM.8.1; WL.K12.NH.3.6; WL.K12.NM.8.1; WL.K12.NH.9.1; WL.K12.NM.4.5;
SS.2.G.1.4; SS.3.G.2.1; SS.5.G.4.2

TH.K.F.3.1; TH.1.S.1.2; TH.2.S.1.2; TH.3.S.2.1; TH.4.H.3.1; TH.5.O.1.2; LAFS.K12.W.3.9; LAFS.K12.L.3.6; LAFS.K12.L.3.6

Download the full Benchmark Results from here

FL Early Learning and Development Standards
III. Social and Emotional Development
IV. Language and Literacy
VII. Social Studies
VIII. Creative Expression Through the Arts

Each school year, half of our Pinellas County Public Elementary Schools are able to experience the American Stage School Tour free of charge for students, thanks to support from our Education Sponsors: