Frequently Asked Questions

ASI students in Level 1 are beginning a 4-Level Improv Foundations Program. Starting Summer 2019, all graduates of this program will be qualified to audition for our Level 5 Ensemble where they will receive advanced training and performance opportunities as a team. Level 5 Ensemble auditions are held 1-2 times each year.

Why did you add another level?

Level 5 will provide students with more reps, additional performance opportunities, and a fuller understanding of long form improv and its various applications and styles.

Am I still considered an ASI graduate if I complete (or have completed) the 4-Level Training Program?

Yes! If you have already graduated, or are currently going into Level 2, 3, or 4 you will still be recognized as a graduate of the American Stage Improv Training Program upon completion of Level 4. You are still encouraged to audition for Level 5 if you are interested in Advanced Training & Performance. 

As of January 2019, all students starting Level 1 will be considered graduates of the ASI Improv Foundations Training Program upon completion of Level 4. 

They too can choose to audition for Level 5 if they are interested in Advanced Training & Performance.

What if I audition for Level 5 and don't make it?

Improv is a constant practice, instead of an end goal. Many students find opportunities for reps and practice beyond the basic classes – like ASI electives, repeating skill-building classes Level 2 or 3, The Nest, organizing practice time with their class, and learning through observation of ASI Shows and indie improv shows around the community. It takes a lot of initiative, dedication, and hours to elevate your improv – and to be ready for the fast pace of Level 5. If you don’t make it past the audition, it doesn’t mean you don’t have what it takes. Keep practicing, and feel free to reach our to ASI staff for advice and opportunities to develop.

How do I stay involved after I graduate from ASI's program?

There are plenty of opportunities to see and perform improv at American Stage and in the community. Take electives, start an indie team with your classmates to keep practicing, and participate in the broader St Pete and Tampa Bay indie improv community. For more information about chances for your indie teams to grow and perform, click here