Sap Scheduling Agreement Type

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The contract is the agreement concluded between the customer and the company on the basis of the material, quantity and price over a given period. The delivery plan is also an agreement with customers, but contains predefined delivery dates (classifications) and quantities. Please note that each box with a “checkmark” is mandatory and must be completed, otherwise the SAP system would not allow you to continue. To choose a delivery plan type, press F4 in the appropriate field and all LoVs (List of Values) are displayed with the available delivery schedule types. List of delivery plan types The standard sales document type for delivery plans is LZ. Deliveries are generated automatically from the list of dates in the delivery plan. Deliveries shall be made when the list of supplies is made on the day on which the classification is relevant to the deliveries. As you have already wished, please “provide a business example for a delivery plan without a delivery plan” and also, from a business point of view, explain what you are trying to configure. As a delivery plan is a legal document, the system asks you to enter validity dates: there are two ways to start the process of preparing a delivery plan: Press the key to display the head details in the delivery plan: Use the button to view the details of the head Volume contract – This type of contract indicates the total value in relation to the total quantity material to be delivered by the supplier. If you decide to work with the LPA document type (with sharing documentation), all system layout positions are stored and are not passed on to the provider. Here you have the advantage of changing the delivery plan if necessary.

Disposition positions are transmitted in separate steps to the supplier through the establishment of the appointment agreement. In the Sap standard, two types of versions are available: the position level conditions apply specifically to the hardware to be delivered. Delivery plan shipments (consisting of a head and the actual delivery plan) are delivered to the supplier who orders him to make deliveries of the relevant material on the dates indicated. Confirmation allows costs to be spread across different control objects. Suppliers may issue certificates to the competent purchasing organisation attesting that they meet or do not meet the scheduled delivery dates. SA versions can be generated for delivery plans with output documentation. The release of the delivery plan can be done manually or automatically using a report. SA shares can be generated either for all selected positions in the relevant delivery plan or only for positions for which classifications are rearranged or changed. Note: If you first fill in your distribution organization, distribution channel, and department, and then opt for the corresponding delivery schedule type, loVs display only the delivery plan types that are relevant to the selected distribution organization, distribution channel, and department. Tap to know the current status of the delivery plan: Delivery plan status Yes, you can`t find in the vov8 search in olme calendar types, there you will find LPA….