Stories for a New World

An adaptation of Grimm’s Fairytales

by Sadie Lockhart, Patrick A Jackson & Tiffany Ford


Study Guide & Introduction

Welcome! Thank you for joining us for the show!  Throughout this study guide we will explore 4 main subject areas, plus pre-show and post-show learning modules. Each section includes activities for 3 separate age/grade levels. As you experience each section, please select the level that is the best for for you and your student/child. 

Learning modules are outlined below by subject. Go to each module to view activities organized by these age/grade levels. 

Level 1 ~ 3-5 year olds
(FL Early Learning variations on activities included in Level 1)

Level 2 ~ K-2nd grades

Level 3 ~3rd-5th grades

Florida State Standards can be viewed below, and/or in each activity description throughout this guide.

Watch this video about the characters you will meet:

Synopsis: When the power goes out at Abuelo’s, Mateo and his older sister Isabella are stuck with nothing to do, but Abuelo has other plans. With the turn of a page from the family’s storybook, some familiar classic fairytales are reimagined in brand new ways and Mateo and Isabella discover just how fun and powerful sharing stories can be. All it takes is a little imagination.

Activities Menu

Click on each section for activities organized by subject & age level.

Basic Florida State Standards covered in this study guide:
More detailed standards for each section/activity within the study guide.

FL Early Learning and Development Standards included (for 3-4 years & 4 years – K)
III. Social and Emotional Development
IV. Language and Literacy
VII. Social Studies
VIII. Creative Expression Through the Arts

FL State Standards K-12:
LAFS.K12.W.3.9; LAFS.K12.R.2.6; LAFS.K12.SL.2.4; LAFS.K12.R.3.9; LAFS.K12.W.1.3; LAFS.K12.R.2.5

WL.K12.IM.8.3; WL.K12.IH.8.1; WL.K12.IM.8.1; WL.K12.NH.3.6; WL.K12.NM.8.1; WL.K12.NH.9.1; WL.K12.NM.4.5;
SS.2.G.1.4; SS.3.G.2.1; SS.5.G.4.2

TH.K.F.3.1; TH.1.S.1.2; TH.2.S.1.2; TH.3.S.2.1; TH.4.H.3.1; TH.5.O.1.2; LAFS.K12.W.3.9; LAFS.K12.L.3.6; LAFS.K12.L.3.6

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