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Ticket Donation Requests

Donations for Fundraising Purposes
American Stage Theatre Company supports other local nonprofit organizations by offering a limited number of tickets for fundraising purposes.  Ticket donation requests are processed throughout the year. Please submit your request using the online form below.

To Qualify
The agency must be a registered not-for-profit and either an arts-related, education-related, health-related or social services-related institution or group. We reserve the right to decline requests from agencies whose activities, philosophies or member demographics conflict with the mission of American Stage Theatre Company or jeopardize our not-for-profit status (i.e. fundraising for political or religious groups).

To Request
A request must be made by filling out our online form below, which requests the following information:

1. Name and address of the agency where tickets are to be sent
2. Name of the authorized contact with contact telephone and email
3. Purpose of the fundraiser
4. Date of the fundraiser
5. The expected number of attendees to the fundraising event
6. Cost to attend the fundraising event
7. Check if you are a 501(c)(3)
8. What is your relationship to American Stage Theatre Company?

DUE TO THE HEAVY VOLUME OF DONATION REQUESTS, WE REGRET WE ARE UNABLE TO ACCEPT PHONE OR E-MAIL REQUESTS OR COMMUNICATION REGARDING REQUESTS OR INQUIRIES. If you are having problems submitting the form, please contact American Stage’s Development Department at development@americanstage.org.

The tickets are donated at the sole discretion of American Stage Theatre Company. In the event of cancellation, we will offer a substitute but cannot guarantee satisfaction of the substitution. An organization's request will only be granted a maximum of one time per year.


(All information is required.) Incomplete forms will not be considered.

Contact information:

Send tickets to the following contact person:

Please briefly explain the purpose of the fundraiser:




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