Top Three Reasons to See VIETGONE

By September 20, 2019 19-20 Season, Mainstage, VIETGONE

We cannot wait to kick off our 19/20 Season AN AMERICAN DREAMSCAPE with the hip-hop fairytale love story, VIETGONE. Here are our top three reasons you should come see this raucous comedy:

    1. Regional Premiere of a first generation American story.

Love, war and the immigrant experience are all told from a second generation Asian-American perspective.

  2. Director Brian Balcom and all five cast members make their American Stage debut.

Balcom has described VIETGONE asthe kind of play that a lot of Asian-Americans have been waiting for.” 

 3.  VIETGONE tells an epic journey through deeply moving themes in a comedic and electric way.

The story deals with themes including bravery, resiliency and love. VIETGONE is emotionally powerful while still being an upbeat and vibrant comedy.

“VIETGONE kicks our 2019-20 American Dreamscape season off with a rambunctious, funny, sexy and emotionally powerful play. I think Qui Nguyen’s unique story about the courtship of his refugee parents during the Vietnam War, as they try to make a new home in America, will be an unexpected and truly rewarding adventure for our audiences.”Stephanie Gularte, CEO/Producing Artistic Director

“VIETGONE is a hip-hop-comedy-fairytale about destiny, bravery, resilience, sex and love. It’s the story of refugees torn between their new and old homes trying to persevere after having lost it all. It’s an emotional journey, but also a highly entertaining one that I’m excited to share with American Stage audiences.” Brian Balcom, Director 

VIETGONE runs Oct. 2 through Nov. 3

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