United States Panama Trade Promotion Agreement Certificate Of Origin Form

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14 With respect to the copyrights and rights adjacent to this chapter, a “benefit” refers to a benefit defined in a phonogram, unless otherwise stated. 13. To the extent that a civil remedy can be ordered on the basis of administrative procedures on the merits, each contracting party provides that these procedures are consistent with the principles which are essentially equivalent to those set out in this chapter. (b) have agreed to compensation or a resolution in accordance with Article 20.14 and a complainant considers that the contested party did not comply with the terms of the agreement; (a) each party provides that any registration or publication relating to a trademark application or registration indicating the products or services must indicate the products or services bearing their common name. , grouped according to the classes of the classification established by the Nice Convention on the International Classification of Trademark Products and Services (1979), revised and amended (Nice classification). (f) where additional work that was not in the original contract but was within the objectives of the original tender file became necessary, due to unforeseen circumstances, to complete the work described in it. However, the total value of the contracts for additional work cannot exceed 50% of the initial contract amount; or 1. This chapter applies to any health and plant health measures of a party that may have a direct or indirect impact on trade between the contracting parties. (a) the promotion of trade in goods between the parties, including consultations on the accelerated elimination of tariffs under this agreement and, where appropriate, other issues; Each party adopts or maintains measures to allow the application of civil or administrative sanctions and, where appropriate, criminal sanctions for violations of customs law, including customs classification, customs assessment, country of origin and requests for preferential treatment under this agreement. (b) any litigant who claims that certain information is protected information must clearly state the information at the time of its transmission to the court; Each party strives to establish or maintain risk management systems that allow its customs authorities to focus their control activities on high-risk goods and facilitate the clearance and movement of low-risk goods, while maintaining the confidentiality of the information it receives from these activities. Each contracting party provides that a type of product should not be considered a product of origin if the goods: (i) no less than 70 years after the end of the calendar year of the first publication of the book, benefit or phonogram, or d) for a non-compliant determination of an existing tax measure; (1) For greater security, nothing in this chapter or Chapter Eleven (cross-border trade in services) should be construed as delimiting Panama`s right to designate the authority of the Panama Canal as an agency solely responsible for the use, management, operation, conservation, maintenance, modernization and related activities of the Panama Canal. , as stipulated in the Constitution of Panama of 1972, which stipulates: (c) the production of the property in the form in which it was carried out.