Vodafone Agreement Policies

By December 20, 2020 Uncategorized

“Credit Management Directive” refers to our policy for assessing customer creditworthiness and managing customer loans, a copy of which can be found on our website: www.vodafone.co.ck/credit-management-policy and may change from time to time at Vodafone`s discretion; Our privacy policy applies to our relationship with you. You can www.vodafone.co.ck/privacy-policy our privacy policy here. We treat information about you and your use of our services in a strictly confidential manner. However, in accordance with our privacy policy, we may disclose information about you for credit audit and credit reporting purposes. We will also disclose information about you, as required by order of the court or by other legal authorities. If you have any doubts or complaints about our services, you can do so at number 123 or by email at info@vodafone.co.ck. Our customer complaints and litigation are available on our website. For the interpretation of this agreement, the next order of priority is the application form, the specific conditions, the guidelines and these conditions. 24. For more information on our call charges, see www.vodafone.co.uk, in our pricing guide or by phone on 191 of your mobile phone or on 0333 3040 191 of any other phone (charged at your phone operator`s published rate). 25.

Prices and promotions are correct at the time of the press. The latest price information can be found on our website. We inform you of any significant price changes depending on the broadcast conditions. Minutes, texts or data not used included in your price plan will not be carried over to the next month. 26. Daily prices are valid from midnight to midnight. If your use extends over two calendar days, for example. B on Thursdays at 11:58 p.m. and Fridays at 12:10 a.m., the costs are usually covered by the first day`s expense allowance.

However, we cannot guarantee that this will be the case and you can be charged for two days of use. 27. All Vodafone services that have subscribed free of charge or without limitation are subject to our fair dealing policy. If your usage is too high according to Vodafone`s reasonable opinion, we may ask you to moderate your use. If you do not do so after we have asked you to moderate your use, we will reserve the right: a) to charge you the excessive element of your use at the standard rate of your tariff; b) reduce their use; or c) suspend or stop your service in accordance with your airtime.