Our 2017-18 season, WE THE PEOPLE, is more than a season theme. IT’S A MOVEMENT through the power of live storytelling.

We believe that what has always made theatre most special is it’s unique ability to bring people together. A remarkable collaboration of artists engaging in conversation with an audience of diverse perspectives and backgrounds.

To honor our commitment to collaboration, this season we have partnered with seven talented local artists to create visual interpretations of the plays in our season. You can see their work not just in the elements they provided to create our poster art, but also fully on display in our lobby gallery during their individual exhibitions throughout the season.

Be sure to check out the Artist Reception Nights on the 2nd Friday of every production (sponsored by Creative Loafing) and watch this space for the latest updates and information on our WE THE PEOPLE artists!

Herbert Scott Davis – THE ROYALE

Growing up in historic Ybor City, Herbert Scott Davis developed an early passion for art and culture. A graduate of the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale and former freelance illustrator, Davis now focuses on fine art, bringing his detailed or abstracted imagery to canvases and walls alike.

Check out his work on display in our Lobby Gallery through the entire run of THE ROYALE (September 20 – October 15).
Artist Reception & Happy Hour – Friday, September 29 | 7PM-8PM (Community Engagement Sponsor: Creative Loafing)

Learn more about THE ROYALE
View & Bid on His Signature Art Piece inspired by THE ROYALE

“I think it is great when different factions of the art community can come together and stand united on a grand scale, American Stage is that grand scale. As an artist any opportunity that allows me to take my art to a broader audience is a welcomed event.”

– Herbert Scott Davis, Visual Artist for THE ROYALE


Born and raised in St. Petersburg Florida, Laura Spencer has been avidly pursuing art as a career and passion, for over 16 years. A graduate of the Ringling College of Art + Design (and Trustee Scholar recipient), Laura strives to push herself beyond mere illustration and graphic design, embracing a new era of information and concept.

Check out her work on display in our Lobby Gallery through the entire run of MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING (November 08 – December 10) and IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE (December 16 – 24).
Artist Reception & Happy Hour – Friday, November 17 | 7PM-8PM (Community Engagement Sponsor: Creative Loafing)

“’WE THE PEOPLE’ evokes the power and prowess of the individual, and how a group of individuals can come together, creating powerful and meaningful change.”

– Laura Spencer, Visual Artist for MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING and IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE

Zulu Painter – A RAISIN IN THE SUN

Carlos Culbertson is a visual Artist living in St Petersburg, FL. Carlos is known by his Artist name ZuluPainter and paints “Mindful Murals” to beautify neighborhoods everywhere. As a member of the 2016 SHINE Mural Festival, Carlos has painted among international mural Artists. His murals can be found around in Miami, Tampa Bay, West Palm Beach and beyond. Carlos is a graduate of WV State University with a BA in Painting.  He has been “Growing Art” in Tampa Bay for the past 12 years.

Check out his work on display in our Lobby Gallery through the entire run of A RAISIN IN THE SUN (January 24 – February 18).
Artist Reception & Happy Hour – Friday, February 02 | 7PM-8PM (Community Engagement Sponsor: Creative Loafing)

Learn more about A RAISIN IN THE SUN
View & Bid on His Signature Art Piece inspired by A RAISIN IN THE SUN

“More opportunities for everyday folks to be heard and allowed to express themselves is important to the wellbeing of our nation.”

– Zulu Painter, Visual Artist for A RAISIN IN THE SUN


Chad Mize is a multimedia artist, designer and muralist residing in St. Petersburg, Florida. He was born in New Orleans, Louisiana in 1974, and then moved to Tampa Bay Florida, where he spent most of his childhood. An early interest in art resulted in his earning a BFA in Visual Communications at the University of Mississippi. With a love for past and contemporary culture, he takes a humorous, tongue-in-cheek approach to his concepts, which include playful doodles, colorful patterns, political art and graphics with text.

In 2010, Mize opened BLUELUCY, a gallery in St. Petersburg, where he represented over 450 local and national artists. When the gallery closed in 2015, Mize founded his own lifestyle and design brand, CHIZZY. His contributions to the thriving St. Petersburg art scene also include working on the SHINE Mural Festival, which brings artists from around the world to paint murals in St. Petersburg. Mize’s work is held in numerous private and corporate collections nationally and internationally.

Check out his work on display through the entire run of both MARJORIE PRIME & THE PRODUCERS in the American Stage lobby (March 7 – May 13).
Artist Reception & Happy Hour – Friday, March 16 | 7PM-8PM (Community Engagement Sponsor: Creative Loafing)

“I love that American Stage approached local artists, each with a different style for season artwork.”

–Chad Mize, Visual Artist for THE PRODUCERS


Coralette Damme received her BFA from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and has been a resident of St. Petersburg since 2002. While primarily a printmaker, Coralette frequently incorporates painting and other media in her artwork. The inspiration for her images is drawn from nature, myths, holidays, and daily life. Her family ancestry and love for languages also influence her subject matter and her prints often contain German or Latin phrases or other snippets of text.

Coralette began exhibiting in 2008.  Since that time she has been part of numerous exhibitions and festivals across Florida as well as in Maryland, Pennsylvania, and South Carolina.

Check out her work on display in our Lobby Gallery through the entire run of STRAIT OF GIBRALTAR (May 23 – June 17).
Artist Reception & Happy Hour – Friday, June 01 | 7PM-8PM (Community Engagement Sponsor: Creative Loafing)

View & Bid on Her Signature Art Piece inspired by STRAIT OF GIBRALTAR

“This is an opportunity to share a creative process with a new team, something I don’t usually get to do working on my own. It is interesting to see how different interpretations come together to create a visual image.”

–Coralette Damme, Visual Artist for STRAIT OF GIBRALTAR

Tracy Copes & Chancellor Joyer – BAD JEWS

Tracy Copes is a multi-media artist, photographer and full time graphic designer. Tracy’s work can be found in a myriad of public and private art collections and has been seen in numerous exhibitions worldwide. Tracy is a transplant from the Northeast and currently lives in Tampa with her kids, cats, dogs, fish, lizards and very patient partner.

As an extension of our Youth Initiative – UNDER 20 Passport, American Stage partnered Tracy with 16-year-old visual artist Chancellor Joyer for a mentorship throughout the process of this season’s WE THE PEOPLE collaboration.

Chancellor Joyer is going into his junior year at Wesley Chapel High School. He’s active in organizations such as NAHS (National Art Honors Society). He’s been featured in several group shows with artists 20-30 years his senior and done commission work for the past year.

Check out Tracy and Chancellor’s work on display in our Lobby Gallery through the entire run of BAD JEWS (July 11 – August 05).

Artist Reception & Happy Hour – Friday, July 20 | 7PM-8PM (Community Engagement Sponsor Creative Loafing)

“It’s such a privilege to work with American Stage, it provides a way for me to be involved in the arts community, meet and work with amazing people and create something meaningful. It is especially exciting to be involved in a project that highlights the uniqueness and the equality of all people… I think it is more important than ever to come together, build a greater sense of community and collaborate on ideas and projects that will move us all forward.”

–Tracy Copes, Visual Artist for BAD JEWS