You Tube`s About To Lose European Sort Of Agreement

By December 22, 2020 Uncategorized

The agreement is also the UK`s first with a member of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations. So far, most people`s experience begins and ends with online videos with zoom meetings. But from fitness teachers who teach virtual courses to massive online conferences, virtually everyone has had to figure out how to make their world work on a webcam. Libin thinks it won`t go away, even if we can become personal again. What for? Because he thinks there are things that work better in video, that we may never want to live, even if we can. (He has a whole theory about not going to the doctor, on the one hand.) The future is a mix of digital and physical development, live and on demand, and it will create a huge industry that is no different from anything we`ve seen from the web. Okay, so start with the theory that Zoom is a little boring, and you could do better. How did it look better, in an abstract way, when you started building things? We have not given it too much thought, in those terms. It started as a joke.

We built it for ourselves, because we were all on Zoom and everything else. And it was just boring, and we were making people smile. So we didn`t have big ideas for market analysis or overall competition. And now that`s what happens with the video. They have, you know, the practicing players sit and say, “Well, okay, well, the old reality is, these are encounters. How did the meetings go? The meetings were a bunch of boring people who gathered in a room with a well-defined agenda. But it can`t be in the same room anymore because of COVID. So how to get as close as possible to a bunch of boring people in a boring room… but on the computer? This is what we have for the video, for the first gene. And it makes perfect sense.

That`s what you`re waiting for. But of course, the real answer, once we and other people invent native experiences to video, there will be nothing like meetings. So we need another way of being charismatic, and it will be a very different feeling anyway. It will only be meetings in a few years. Martin Kretschmer: European legislation on intermediaries has changed considerably. This will be done independently of the directive and will probably lead to a reclassification of Youtube`s copyright service. I am referring to the appeal of the Federal Court of Justice (Bundesgerichtshof – BGH) to the European Court of Justice (ECJ) in September 2018. By focusing on multinational platforms such as Youtube, the directive loses sight of the cultural and economic potential that the internet could bring to Europe. Europe is culturally rich.

Why would innovation for unexpected, interesting and actionable cultural materials, as I described in my examples, be more difficult here? Overall, the directive is methodically wrong. Personally, I think the EU would not lose much if it were simply rejected. Yes, I think it`s as big as the Internet. The size of .com, let`s say. It wasn`t so much that the Internet replaced everything, it`s that it`s embedded in the fabric of almost every life transaction.