American Stage will occasionally distribute information about upcoming opportunities via email. To be added to this list, fill out THIS AUDITION FORM.

American Stage practices Non-Traditional Casting and encourages ALL actors to audition. Non-Traditional Casting is a method designed to expand casting opportunities for women, actors of color, and actors with disabilities in roles where race, ethnicity, sex, or the presence or absence of a disability is not germane to character or play development.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Does American Stage hire non-equity actors?
Yes. We work with both Equity and Non-Equity professional actors.

What is your AEA contract?
American Stage operates under the SPT Tier 7 contract on our Mainstage and under an LOA Agreement at American Stage in the Park.

When/where do you hold auditions?
Our mainstage season auditions are held in June each year, with musical auditions (for American Stage in the Park and any mainstage musicals) held in December. We may hold supplemental auditions & callbacks throughout the year as needed. Additionally, American Stage attends the Florida Professional Theatre Association (FPTA) and Tampa Bay Unified annual season auditions. We have no current plans to hold auditions in NYC.

I just auditioned for you. When will I hear back?
It depends on a lot of factors. Our goal is to cast shows at least three months in advance of first rehearsal, though we may not always achieve it. After a general season audition, we’ll bring people in at various times for individual show callbacks. After a show-specific audition or callback, we may cast the piece right away, or may still be looking to see other actors, depending on what we still need. Casting is a puzzle. We need to balance our AEA/Non-AEA ratio, locals vs. out-of-town actors, and 100 other factors to get just the right group of people to help us tell powerful stories. Once final casting decisions have been made, we’ll put a post up on this page.

I’m an out of town actor who is visiting St. Petersburg. I’d love to audition – is that possible?
The answer will most often be no, since a drop-in audition requires the availability of multiple people and scheduling of rooms, but you can always ask! Send an email to DO plan to at least stop by the theatre and take a look at our space.

I’m interested in your apprenticeship program – what’s that about?
More information is available at this link:

I missed your season call – can I still be considered?
Possibly. Please fill out THIS AUDITION FORM and tell us specifically what you’d like to be considered for, and submit a video audition by following the guidelines below.

I am a local actor with a day job. Can I still be considered?
American Stage makes a purposeful effort to hire local actors and artists, in order to support our community and its overall artistic presence. As a professional theatre, however, we do rehearse during the day, and only rarely are we able to work around another schedule.

What is your rehearsal schedule?
Typically, for the first two weeks of any given show, we rehearse during the day (10am-6pm). After that, we’ll normally transition into afternoon & evening rehearsals (2pm-10pm), followed by a full week of tech, where hours can vary between just evenings to full 10-out-of-12 days. During opening week, there will be rehearsals in the afternoon prior to evening showtimes, and there will always be at least one brush-up rehearsal the Wednesday after opening.

Do you provide housing for out-of-town actors?
Yes. American Stage has a limited number of housing spots available to out-of-town artists.

Will you accept a video audition?


Video Audition Guidelines

American Stage does accept video auditions, and we have often cast actors who we met this way. However, a live audition is our much preferred form of casting, and we cannot promise that any unsolicited video will be watched or considered, depending on who we’ve already seen in person.

Audition sides will be posted at the end of May/beginning of June.

  • Your video must be specifically recorded for American Stage.
    • If there are sides available, they will be posted with the character descriptions above.
      • Please record at least one of the listed sides for your character. If we would like to see further material from you you, we may ask you to record additional sides.
    • If no sides are posted, please choose your own material that is relevant to the character you’re auditioning for.
    • Please indicate the role and show you are interested in being considered for. Auditions for “anything you have available” are less interesting for us, and less effective for you.
  • Film yourself standing, with your scene partner(s) off camera. If the scene calls for you to be sitting, make sure we can see more than just your face.
    • Alternately, you can start by slating your name and having the camera show you from head to toe, then cut to more of a closeup audition.
    • For interactive scenes, you must record with a (off-camera) scene partner.
  • Send the LINK(s) to a YouTube, Vimeo, or other video-sharing service file to:
    • On YouTube, please make your video setting Public or Unlisted, not Private (as we can’t share those with the rest of the artistic team.)
    • On Vimeo, please set your viewing settings to Anyone or Only people with a password, and supply us your password.
    • DO NOT send the actual file. Video files will not be downloaded or watched.
    • DO NOT send the file via WeTransfer or any other file-sharing service.
  • Please fill out THIS AUDITION FORM.
  • Last, let us know whether or not you will require local housing if hired.

Thank you for your interest in working with American Stage!