Morning Workshops: Comedy Writing – Virtual

2021-08-21 10:00 am - 2021-08-21 12:00 pm

Morning Workshops

Saturday, August 21

Comedy Writing – Virtual


How to think, write, speak, create, and be funnier. Explore creative processes, tips & tricks that open new pathways to comedic communication, whatever your medium.

Participants will:

  • Explore basic comedic elements, like “yes and”, pattern, and game
  • Understand different types of comedic styles and structures, such as “reversal of expectation”, “escalation”, “spoof”, and more
  • Breakdown ways to heighten and explore concepts and topics

This workshop is perfect for anyone wishing to develop a comedic voice that is relevant, witty, joyful, and truly their own; for sketch-comedians, playwrights, screenwriters, stand-ups, fine artists, podcasters, journalists, corporate presenters, or anyone who wants to heighten the humor their communication.

All experience levels and creative (or non-creative backgrounds) welcome.

Instructor TBA