How To Find Anytime Fitness Agreement Number

By September 23, 2021 Uncategorized

They overwhelmed my card about 5 days after I called a fee for March 2020! I called back at the beginning of June, when the state started to open, to make sure that it is canceled and that it does not weigh on my card. I am now receiving threats from Anytime Fitness that they are sending $87.16 to collections and credit for a membership that has been terminated due to the Covid pandemic! Well, they calculated me for March 2020, June 2020, July 2020, August 2020 – $38.83. I had to cancel my bank account/card number as no one would come back to see me from March to August 2020 and wouldn`t leave any messages! They literally robbed me. I don`t even live in Minneapolis there, told them that on the voicemail I left in March 2020, when I moved and it was the beginning of the pandemic! Not really a question, but rather a statement to help those who are fighting at all times. The best option if you want to prevent these clowns from debiting money from your account if you don`t want to, or collecting ridiculous cancellation fees, report your card as stolen that they charge. You can no longer overwhelm your account and you can simply ignore their lawsuits instead of trying to chase it away, 🙂 Please contact our customer service at or (02) 9415 5300 during office hours with the club name and your membership number and they can help you. It is simply not acceptable to manage business in this way. It is not very good, misleading and, ultimately, designed in such a way as to be unfair to the consumer. I am sure that if it were before a judge, it would be a matter of a few minutes before they object to it at any time. .