Opwdd Self Direction Broker Agreement

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SPECIFIC DUTIES:1. help individuals develop the Circle of Assistance (COS), including planning and facilitating COS meetings, identifying and assigning the roles and tasks of planning team members, assisting in the overall operation of the COS and free selection of members by the participant, and ensuring that the SSC works in the best interests of the participant and within the framework of the principles of self-determination.2. In collaboration with the self-guided participant and his COS, you will re-examine and update the self-piloted plan/budget every six (6) months or as needed.3 Make sure a brokerage contract complies with the approved self-piloted plan/budget.4 Take part in the revision of the Individual Service Plan (ISP) and the revision of the self-directed plan/budget as you wish.5 assist the self-directed participant in developing and maintaining a COS, identify and assign roles and tasks to circle members, schedule COS meetings, and ensure that the self-directed participant is aware that COS meetings must be held at least four times a year; Help the participant moderate cos meetings to ensure that members are freely elected by the participant and that the COS works in the best interests of the participant and within the framework of the principles of self-determination.6. Provide training to the participant and their COS when implementing the self-directed plan/budget in accordance with Medicaid and New York State standards and provide additional technical assistance when needed to maintain the self-managed budget.7 Monitor self-managed expenses by helping the participant verify the monthly expense report provided by the Tax Agency and by working with the participant and the COS to ensure that monthly expenses are within the budget.8 Assist the self-directed participant in the audit and regularly update their personnel-centric clearance plan.9 Assist the participant in the correct documentation of self-controlled services in a timely manner to ensure Medicaid compliance.10 assist the participant in recruiting and retaining appropriate support staff, including, but not limited to, recruitment, maintenance, recruitment, planning and follow-up of recruited staff, and assisting the individual in identifying and recruiting appropriate security personnel to ensure availability, where appropriate.11 To help individuals, THE COS and the MSC identify and develop in the Community connections that support aspects of the self-directed plan/budget.12 Establish and maintain good working relationships and communicate openly with the Medicaid Service Coordinator (MSC), the Tax Intermediation Agency and the Developmental Disabilities Service Office (DDSO) Selfd Liaison.13