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American Stage Education provides innovative in-person and virtual classroom residencies for grades K-12. With a variety of focus areas, our residency programs take art integration to a new level, bringing professional theatre and theatre makers into the classroom.

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The language of the Bard and the joy of the theatre collide in this residency aligned with state standards. Students will explore Shakespearean texts, through script analysis, scene study and enjoy live or pre-recorded Shakespearean scene performances.

Grade Recommendation: 6-12

Current Plays Covered: A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Romeo & Juliet, As You Like It

Work with American Stage Professional Teaching Artists to learn the basics of playwriting. Students will explore concepts like story structure, character development and relevant themes. To complete the residency, professional actors will perform staged readings of student-written work.

Grade Recommendation: 3-5, 6-12

Standard Connections: LAFS.K12.W.4.10, TH.912.O.2.1, TH.912.F.1.1, TH.912.O.2.6, TH.68.O.3.3

Live. Laugh. IMPROV! This residency encourages fearlessness, flexibility and focus. Students will explore a variety of improvisational games and exercises that promote creative collaboration and spontaneity.

Grade Recommendation: 3-5, 6-12

Explore American theatre and contributions of various cultures, peoples and groups throughout history. Residencies will highlight the impact of a theatre makers, artists and professionals with a specific focus on BIPOC, LGBTQ+, women representation.

Grade Recommendation: 6-12

Current Series Available: African American Theatre Legacy

Standard Connections: SS.912.P.9.8, SS.912.A.2.5, SS.912.A.5.7, SS.912.A.5.6, SS.912.A.5.10, SS.912.A.7.5, SS.912.P.10.6, SS.912.P.10.12