Settling in, Stepping out; 10/05/18:
By Kaylie Horowitz

Hello! Acting & Production Apprentice Kaylie Horowitz here! Though I’m no stranger to the digital world, I’ve never considered myself much of a blogger. Just look at my Tumblr account I’ve started up and abandoned for months on end (repeatedly), or the fact that much of my social media is hardly personal and mostly just memes and movie trailers (but have you seen the new Captain Marvel trailer yet?!). As I begin to settle into my new position as an apprentice at American Stage though, I realize that perhaps blogging isn’t as daunting as I always thought it was. It helps that not only do I have something happening every day at American Stage, but I also have an amazing cohort of friends and collaborators (aka the Apprentices) to help fill in their pieces of knowledge and experience. Together, we all hope that you decide to come along with us this year as we begin to explore, learn, and grow further as both artists and people.

I suppose the best place to start is with myself, since according to most people it’s a tad difficult to try and narrate another person’s perspective and first-hand experience. A little bit about myself, I am originally from Lakeland and grew up Disney-obsessed and passionate about performance. I went to Auburn University in Alabama (War Eagle!), and graduated from the College of Liberal Arts with a BFA Performance degree and a minor in Communication. College theatre taught me a lot about things I never knew I would like or be interested in (dramaturgy, costuming, and aerial silks just to name a few), but as I prepared to leave that department that became my home after 4 years, I was worried that I would end up somewhere that didn’t feel like home in any way, shape, or form.

I finally made it to St. Pete on Sept 3rd, and had a quick turn-around of 24 hours before going in to my first day of work on the 4th. It’s been a little less than a month now, and while the trepidation vanished after the first week, the excitement still hasn’t lost its luster. So far, September has been filled with training in multiple areas of the company, staining floorboards, postering, sewing, learning how all the outreach media works (Hey! Like this blog!), and bonding with the people in this building that have quickly wormed their way into my heart as my American Stage family. I’m sure many of you out there have had the pleasure to get to know these folks a lot longer than I have. But let me just say that I don’t think I’ve ever worked in an environment where I felt so comfortable and free to be myself so quickly. Both the staff at American Stage and the cast of Between Riverside and Crazy have put my mind at ease with their compassion, understanding, and amazing sense of humor. Now that I’ve been able to really settle in to this new place that I’m excited to call home, I can also start to push myself to step out of my comfort zone and experience all that this apprentice program has to offer, and learn as much as I can from the people here to guide us.

Anyway, mushy stuff aside, the biggest project that I’ve been undertaking this month is researching the dramaturgical information for Between Riverside and Crazy. And if that doesn’t mean much to you, it just means that I’ve been learning and writing about the play, the themes, the playwright, and all kinds of other tidbits of information to put together for the pre-show prologue, a 10 minute chat that happens a half hour before each performance. For me, it has been a lot of fun looking into the play’s topics and trying to figure out a way to share it with our guests. I love researching and learning about things for the sake of knowledge, and I’m always curious diving into new topics or areas that I know very little about. So, if you’re coming out to see Between Riverside and Crazy, why not come by a little bit early so you can let me tell you all about the dramaturgy of this play, and the world Stephen Adly Guirgis creates?

Between Riverside and Crazy is running from October 3rd to November 4th, and I’ll be delivering the prologue every night before the curtain goes up (Oh boy!). Come say hi, I’d love to see you there and just chat for a while!
Until next time, this is Kaylie signing off!

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