Fairytales Reimagined: Stories for a New World

Study Guide, Section 3

Post-Show Reflections

We offer a live chatback experience with an education member and the cast if you or your class wants to participate.  In this section are some additional ways to reflect on the play.

You can also view a pre-recorded chatback conversation here:

Level 1
(3-5 year olds)

LAFS.K12.W.3.9; LAFS.K12.L.3.6; TH.K.C.3.2


  1. On a sheet of paper, draw your favorite character from the show.  


  1. Discuss or write: What did you like about that character? 


  1. Share your picture with a class or family member.


  1. Discuss or write: What did you learn from the story? 

  2. What was your favorite thing that happened in the play?

Section 1 Early Learning & Development Standards
(follow Level 1 activities)

VIII. Creative Expression Through the Arts

VIII. A. 1; VIII. C.1; VIII. D. 1.; VIII. E. 1. 

4 years – K 

VIII. Creative Expression Through the Arts

VIII. A. 1.; VIII. C. 1.; VIII; D. 1.; VIII.E. 1.; VIII. E. 3. 

Level 2
(K-2nd grades)
LAFS.K12.W.3.9; LAFS.K12.L.3.6; TH.2.C.3.1; TH.3.O.2.1; TH.K.C.3.2

After completing level 1 activity and questions:

  1. Review this worksheet on themes in a story.

 If you are unable to print the worksheet, you can recreate the worksheet on a blank piece of paper.


  1. Discuss what you think the theme of the play was.  What elements led you to this conclusion? 


  1. Draw a picture of a moment in the play that you think best represents the theme and write a sentence or two about how this theme is applied.

Level 3
(3rd-5th grades)
LAFS.K12.W.3.9; LAFS.K12.L.3.6; TH.4.H.3.1; TH.5.O.3.2


  1. Select one of the themes from the worksheet on themes and write a paragraph or two about what you learned in the play as an audience member.  Also write one thing that one of the characters learned in the play.

Thank you for completing Section 3, Post-Show Reflections!