Valid Agency Agreement

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In addition to any changes to the additional conditions, completed information and changes in the choices in the prescribed agreement, both parties should make their date and initial. The agency contract must indicate the estimated amounts or amounts of these commissions or discounts on these services. You can negotiate with the agent to find out if you should pay the full amount. Transparency and loyalty are the characteristics of the relationship between the client and the commercial agent. This is at least how the regulation of the mediation contract understands things, because Article L. 134-4, paragraph 2, of the Commercial Code stipulates that “the relationship between the (…) On (Link leave this page), we recommend that sellers get legal advice before signing the agency contract. Be careful not to compromise your relationship with the current listing agency – do not make any negative comments about how the property was listed or the listing agent. Your real estate agent should prepare the agreement based on their interviews with you. You should explain the agreement to yourself and give yourself enough time to read it before signing the document. You should give yourself a copy of the signed agreement. You must attach a declaration of reductions, discounts or commissions that you receive and indicate the amount.

They are not entitled to a supplier`s fees if this information is not included in the agency contract. If the seller changes his mind after signing an individual representation contract, he may terminate it (in writing, by letter, fax or e-mail) until 5 p.m. on the first working day following receipt of a copy of the contract. Discussions on agency contracts have long focused on the distinction between “real” and “non-real” agents and who bears the risks between the principal and the agent. . . .