What Agreement Did God Make With Abraham

By October 14, 2021 Uncategorized

Gen 22:17–18a; 26:4) by a solemn oath (Gen 22:16a; cf. 26:3). RALEIGH ( NORTH CAROLINA reported Monday the largest number of people hospitalized for the coronavirus, setting a record for the fourth day in a row. In the sixth chapter, God asked Israel what He had done that had led to their wickedness. “Testify against me,” the Lord said. He had always been good to them, but what we find in their response is that they didn`t seem to take their need for forgiveness seriously. God spoke of the person who “loads himself with thick clay.” It was God`s way of saying that a person could surround himself with gold and silver, but that in the end, his value to him will be nothing more than the value of clay. When we turn to the New Testament, the things that were only suggested in the Old Testament become very clear.